usually (that is, when it isn't a cop), shooting/stabbing/bludgeoning/etc someone well beyond what is necessary to result in their death is called overkill, and overkill is *not* considered indicative of self-defense asked by Anonymous


Yeah, that post is about the narrative around these shootings, I think. But honestly what gets ME is he only had 16 bullets. He emptied the whole clip. He would have just shot the kid some more if he had more bullets. Imagine a murderer is literally charging at you. You might fire six or seven times. You’d probably hit the person, even if you had no training in how to use a gun, because guns are not very difficult to use. Now imagine after the MAYBE 7th shot putting that person down, you’re just like NO MAN I WANNA SHOOT SOME MORE and you SHOOT this person 9 -more- times. That’s ridiculous. I can’t even wrap my head around emptying a clip into a person. There is no way that 16th shot was the one that killed the kid- nobody is THAT bad of a shot who’s ever held a gun before. There is also no way that he wasn’t down by that 16th shot- he was killed by a gunshot wound in the cheek, which means three things:

1. That officer was a really damned good shot. Shooting a moving target isn’t that hard with any gun handling experience. But THAT level of accuracy is hard for anyone to achieve, let alone if they’re !~~~scared~~~!

2. He was aiming for the head. You don’t hit a cheek unless you aim for the head. And frankly, again that means he must’ve been a REALLY REALLY good shot. Because the few inches of difference between the cheek and the forehead can be accounted for by wind, bullet shape, or a slight movement of the head. Either way, he was locked RIGHT onto his target. Again, aiming for the head or very close to it.

3. The fact that the officer being a damned good shot means he was perfectly capable of a shot in the arm or leg to disarm. That’s a basic shot. On a moving target it’s a bit difficult, but it’s doable. If you can shoot someone almost in the forehead, you can shoot someone in the damned leg or arm to disarm. It requires much less accuracy. That is an intentional shoot to kill.

And like, this is ASSUMING the kid was moving, and ASSUMING the officer was scared, and I’m not even working under those assumptions???? Shooting someone 16 times is what you do when you’re pissed off, not when you’re scared. I can’t imagine what it takes to shoot a human being (even someone you personally hated) SIXteen times.

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